Services Offered

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

At Coltech, we strive to achieve optimal results with every treatment.  IPM is designed to render consistent positive results.  The correct implementation of this management system is of paramount importance and is based on the following:

Problem evaluation / Inspection

  • Pest species identification and extent of infestation

Target pest identification

  • Knowledge of biology and habits of the pest species identified

Determining control measures

  • Determine and evaluate control measures for pests species identified. Formulate recommendations and communicate this to the client

Implementation of the applicable control measures

  • Removal of food sources / spillage and/or favourable breeding areas of targeted pests
  • Physical control – elimination or limiting entrance to premises
  • Chemical control – correct application of pest control products / remedies as per product labelled instructions

Follow up

  • Evaluate the results / success of the control measures implemented
  • Liaise and communicate results to client and establish clients’ opinion

Continuous pest management

  • Regular inspections of high risk areas to be conducted on a scheduled basis

Our specialist treatments include inter alia:

Control of:

  • Rodents
  • General Flying and Crawling Insects
  • Fishmoth
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Mite
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches

Preferred Remedies Administered:

Goliath Gel – cockroach control
Fendona – general crawling insects
Tempo SC – cockroaches and general crawling insects
Starycide – general crawling insects – fleas, mite, lice, etc (growth regulator)
Termidor – ants
Premise 200 – ants & termites
Maxforce Quantum Gel – ants
Coopex Dust – cockroaches, general crawling insects, viz. manhole drains, weep-holes, etc
Finale Wax Block and Paste – rats and mice

Bird Proofing

We have a highly skilled, designated team tasked with providing bird control services including roof void proofing, cleansing and removal of bird carcasses and waste as well as bird lice control.

All bird proofing treatments carry a mandatory 12 month guarantee on workmanship and a 3 month guarantee on all pesticide applications/treatments.


This is a very intricate and specialised treatment.  We have qualified staff who are registered fumigators available to attend to all your fumigation needs.

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